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Seamless integration of Road and Driver Cameras with full GPS tracking.  A single, powerful, low-profile unit incorporating Artificial Intelligence and a 128 Gigabite SDCard, for best-in-class performance.  Full AI driver monitoring and coaching, with high-definition video footage stored for twice the time of Package A’s Dashcam.  Package B’s Dashcam also offers an expansion port for an optional future wireless rear camera too (opportunity for a three-camera system: road, driver and rear cameras).

  • Road and Driver Facing Cameras with Power Adaptor and 128GB SDD: Capture clear and detailed video footage of the road ahead, ensuring that every crucial moment is recorded.

  • Multi-Cellular Provider SIM card included for easy cellular connectivity: Stay connected and access your camera’s footage from anywhere.  Optimize your connectivity by determining which cellular network provides the optimal coverage for your area

  • API & Data Setup for seamless integration with other devices: Seamlessly integrate your camera into your existing fleet management or security system using our comprehensive API links.

  • Expansion port for future rear-camera upgrade: Need to prove a rear-end collision is not your driver’s fault?  Easily add a rear wireless (or hardwired) rear camera by connecting it to the expansion port.

  • High-quality video recording with 1080p resolution: Enjoy crystal-clear video footage that captures every detail, giving you peace of mind on the road.

  • Easy installation and maintenance: Set up the camera quickly and easily by hardwire or Plug N Play options. Keep your cameras running smoothly with minimal maintenance requirements.

Do-It-Yourself – Plug N’ Play Installation Details

All diagnostic ports supported: JBUS 6 Pin & 9 Pin, OBDII 16 Pin

JBUS 6 Pin Panel Port

JBUS 9 Pin Panel Port

JBUS 9 Pin ‘Jam-Nut’ Port

OBDII 16 Pin Port

Do-It-Yourself – Plug N’ Play Installation Details

Diagnostic Ports are generally located below the steering wheel on the left side. See common locations marked on the graphic.

Do It Yourself Plug N’ Play Installation

Self-installation is easy. Unscrew the Diagnostic Port side mounting bolts. Plug the port into Plug N Play cable and mount the remaining open diagnostic port back where it was removed.

Customer Support
  • Dashcam Lifetime Warranty included: Purchase with confidence knowing that your camera is covered by our lifetime warranty (covering manufacturer related issues).

  • 30-day return policy: Not satisfied with your purchase? Return the Dashcam within 30 days for a full refund. (30-day return policy covers one Dashcam being installed, with any additional Dashcams not being installed and returned in the original packaging to DOT Dashcam)

  • U.S. based technical assistance: Have questions or need help with your camera? Our support team is available to provide assistance.

  • Contact us at 844-468-8725: Reach out to us with any inquiries or concerns, and our dedicated customer service team will be happy to help.

Why Buy Now?

With car drivers responsible for more than 80% of all accidents*, and attorneys looking for multi-million-dollar insurance settlements, keeping insurance affordable requires protecting your fleet with automated video monitoring.  This reliable and versatile Dashcam will capture every moment on the road and demonstrate your driver’s innocence. Take advantage of our turn-key limited-time promotional offer before it expires.

* American Transportation Association Study – crashes-caused-by-car-drivers-ata-report-says/

  • Program B – FREE DASHCAM AI Powered Road & Driver Cameras – Hardwired or Plug N’ Play


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